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About Me

My name is Meadhbh Walsh and I am a 20 year old Irish folk singer/musician from a village called Meelin in North Cork. Since I was a young child I have loved to sing. My goal is to spread the love of Irish folk music and keep old and new songs alive. I feel it is important to remember Irish history as a young person for the future. I am currently studying in University College Cork along with pursuing my music career. If you would like to hear more from me, you can access all my social medias at the bottom of my website!

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My Story

I was born in August 2001 to a music loving family which has influenced me to this day. I grew up listening to the bands and artists that influenced me the most such as The Dubliners, Mary Black, Séan Keane, Christy Moore, The Fureys and many, many others! I've had a major interest in contemporary, church and American country music all throughout my life too. I started gigging when I was 14 and slowly built up the confidence to sing in bigger crowds. In 2020, the COVID pandemic started which caused Ireland and many other countries to go into a lockdown. During that time period I started posting videos on social media as a pastime. I developed a following that watched my weekly live streams. Back then I had 1000 followers on Facebook, now I have around 70,000. That time period gave me the opportunity to develop on my music and create my first album 'Off By Heart'. Since then I have released my second album 'Unforgotten'. In the future, I hope to release my own original music and develop on my own personal style. I hope to spread peaceful messages in my music and give people who have immigrated to foreign countries a piece of home through music. When I am not singing, my love for animals, nature and people are a part of my daily life. I value my family, friends and close relationships more than anything. My personal pastimes include volunteering for non-profit organisations for the homeless and in general helping local vulnerable members of the community that are in need of a smile through music. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. 

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